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School Minder is a highly-intuitive private school administration software
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School Minder is a versatile school administration program, covering all the aspects involved in running a private enterprise such as an educational establishment: financial management, secretarial department and academic progress recording. The user-friendly interface leaves no room for error in operating this utility, as the three options available are represented clearly by three buttons: Student Records, Billing and Student Reports. Just by pushing a button you witness the transformation of School Minder into a valuable tool in running your private school business. Working in the secretarial department of such a school, I was a bit reluctant when we upgraded the school management program and switched to School Minder. However, after testing it thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that switching to School Minder was indeed an upgrade from our previous school management tool because this new utility was actually taking care of everything, eliminating the need of searching for different program solutions, thus increasing the efficiency in terms of money and time. For instance, all of my duties are now easy to perform because all the information I need is part of the large database of School Minder, including the following modules: Student Records Management, Faculty Records, Grading and Transcripts, Attendance, Tuition and Billing. Furthermore, some extra modules are also available, addressing all of my current duties: Accounting and Payroll, Scheduling, Fund-raising, Web-based Software Training and Assessment, Telephone Messaging, and Library Management. With the strong online support and two different ways to train yourself in using it (online training and onsite training), School Minder is a reliable, integrated solutions, software.

Alex Vince
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